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The following contract must me read, signed and, delivered when checking-in.
Its terms are applicable to your reservation with “Tuya Casa”.


With this action, we take granted the acceptance of this contract.
The acceptation of a reservation shall imply acceptation of these general terms. “Tuya Casa” reserves the right to modify the conditions at any time, without prejudice to any rights acquired previously.




The prices of the ”Tuya Casa” are based per night and the number of people staying in the house.
The total number of people should not exceed 5 persons.
The number of persons occupying the accommodation may not exceed the capacity stated therein, without exception.


A maximum of one Infant is allowed free of charge per reservation, paying the other infants as extra child. €30/night.


Always take into account that a maximum of five people is permitted and one infant represent one people!


The housing may refuse to permit the access of persons above the contracted capacity, with no right to any claim for this cause.


Animals are not allowed. If this rule is violated, the accommodation may require the eviction without compensation to you.


The minimum stay depends on the arrival day, but is usually one night and the maximum stay is usually 14 days. Reserve Now!


Reservation Process


To book our apartment you can check availability HERE.
After selecting your dates and number of people, a list with the total price for the stay will be shown and also the deposit to pay in advance.
Only after that, you must fill in the reservation form.


We ask for your credit card to guarantee your reservation against cancellation.
We also request a deposit of half the total amount of your booking to confirm your reservation. 


For example, for a stay of 5 nights with a total amount of 600 euros, an advance deposit of 300 euros will be required to validate your booking.


When you fill in the details and complete the booking, you will not be charged until the accommodation accepts your request. the accomodation has 48 hours to do it. If the booking is rejected or the accomodation does not answer, you will not be charged at all.


For this reason, it is not allowed to make bookings which date is within that period.


You can also send us an e-mail requesting availability. In this case we will reply you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, with our availability and the rates.


Cancellation Policy 


  • If you cancel the booking before 2 days since the booking fulfilment you get back your down payment.
  • If you cancel the booking between 2 and 4 days after the booking fulfilment, the property owner keeps the total amount of the down payment.
  • In any other case, the property owner has the right to the total amount of the booking.


Cancellations must be notified to “Tuya Casa” by email to and an acknowledgement of receipt must be sent to you by “Tuya Casa”.


In the case that a deposit has been paid this will be deduced from the cancellation fees (depending on when the cancellation takes place).


In the unlikely event that the apartment booked cannot be provided, “Tuya Casa” shall offer an alternative apartment with the same quality standard, depending on availability. If the client does not agree with the alternative apartment offered and does not want to stay in any of the alternative apartments offered, “Tuya Casa” cannot ask for any cancellation fees and will refund any amount paid in advance.


Credit card information


Your credit card shall be used to guarantee your reservation against cancellations. (According to our cancellation policy here above).
Your credit card shall be used also to charge the advance deposit .


We do not store your Credit Card Information in any Personal data file.
However, the credit card will be used to cover any damage caused in the apartment during the clients’ stay. All in accordance with the clauses hereto.




The client pays the amount to pay in cash Euros on the arrival day on during the reservation process.
Payment with Credit Card can be made online or when arriving and it is subject to an extra charge. Detailed information about payment options is provided during the reservation process and also on the Confirmation Form. If any doubt, please contact us at “TuyaCasa before reserving. Wish to book now? CLICK HERE!


Arrival & Exit day


Arrival and Exit conditions are shown on the confirmation mail/form that the client will receive by email when booking  the apartment.


This can also be checked on the reservation form used to book the apartment, or by enquiring with “Tuya Casa” before reserving.


However, the check in time is from 2pm on the arrival date and the apartment must be vacated before noon on departure date.
If you arrive very early, we recommend  you store your luggage in Stoker (at Catalunya Plaza, in the heart of the city) until check-in time.


If the customer arrives between 12:00 to 2:00 pm and the apartment has been dislodged on the same day, at least 2 hours are needed to clean the apartment. In this case the client can leave the luggage in the apartment and return later when the apartment is clean and ready to enter.


For late arrivals after 00:00, an extra charge of 15 Euros will be required.


For all arrivals, there is always someone waiting to the customer at the apartment at an agreed time to collect the remaining money and hand over the keys to the guest.
If there is any delay on arrival time, it must notify the representative in advance or there may be an extra charge of 15 euros for the delay unreported.


On the day of departure, guests must leave the apartment before noon (12:00).
For customers who want to keep the luggage in the apartment with the intention of retrieval beyond this time, we recommend store your luggage in Stoker (in the Plaza de Catalunya, in the heart of the city)


The client must leave the apartment in a clean state.
Almost in the same condition in which you received it.
All dishes, cutlery washed and all trash in the dumpster housing.
Otherwise, an additional charge will be taken out of the cash deposit or charged to the guest’s credit card.


For more information about arrival times and extra charges for late arrivals do not hesitate to contact us.


Apartment rules:


It is important to keep in mind the following rules of conduct.




It is very important to respect the noise level (of people, music) after 9pm at night.
Celebrations are strictly not allowed.
Do not make noise on the apartment balcony. (Please respect the rest of the neighbors.)
Meetings in the hallways or common areas of the building entrance are not allowed. (Please respect the rest of the neighbors.)




Always close the door to the street. It is important to ensure after entering or leaving that the door remains securely closed.
Do not open the door to strangers or commercial couriers.
Ensure you securely close the balcony door and the windows every time you leave the apartment and during the night.




Do not leave trash bags in the hallways or common areas of the building.
The trash should be left in closed plastic bags in the street containers near the apartment.


Smoker: Is not permitted to smoke in the apartment.
Animals: Animals are not allowed in the apartment.


Lights and Air Conditioning:


Turn off the air-conditioning and lights when you leave the apartment and make a responsibly use of the energy; to help preserve the environment.




The client is obliged to employ the apartment only for the purpose for which it is intended.
Any damage caused to the apartment or its contents has to be reported immediately to “Tuya Casa”.
The client shall be responsible for such damage. Any damage to the apartment shall be charged on the client’s credit card.


The customer has the duty to maintain civic manners and follow the basic rules of coexistence. In the event that such coexistence rules are not maintained, “Tuya Casa” has the right to request the immediate departure of the guest without any payback.
We understand that “Tuya Casa “ has not failed his commitment.

Maid services:


On arrival, the apartment is cleaned.
Towels and linens are delivered clean and changed every two days.
The crockery, cutlery, and other utensils for the kitchen are also delivered clean.
Two hours of cleaning every two days is included in your stay.
The day of departure the client must vacate the apartment in similar conditions.


Towels and linen:


Fresh towels and linen will be provided on the arrival day.
A hand towel and bath towel will be provided for each person staying in the apartment.
The crib bedding is not included.


Amenities included:


“Tuya Casa” shall offer the apartment with all the amenities described. In the case that on the arrival day some of the amenities are not provided, Tuya Casa will amend this as soon as possible. If not, the client could ask for compensation.


Guest’s identities:


On the arrival day, a registration form must be filled and signed including information related to the guests staying in the apartment.
Remember to bring a copy of a passport or identity card of all the people coming with you. (Identity cards are only allowed for European citizens)


Damage deposits


On the arrival day “Tuya Casa” has the right to ask an additional deposit of 200 €  to cover potential damages.
Any damage to the apartment caused by the client will be discounted from the cash deposit.
If this amount does not cover the damage caused, the client will be obliged to pay the difference.
The deposit will be refundable on the exit day in the case that there is no damage.
If no deposit is required on arrival, we will use your credit card to ensure any damage you may have caused in the apartment.




“Tuya Casa” shall not be liable of any inconveniences which are out of its control. “Tuya Casa” cannot be held responsible of theft/damage to personal goods or accidents resulting in injury.


Do not leave valuables or money out from the safe.


Remember, the reservation is not guaranteed until receipt of payment.


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